Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Computer Lab is a fun place to be

Have you often wondered how to tame the "ROAR" of the computer lab?  Do you think, "There is only one of me" too often?
I have used a system that has worked very nicely to quiet that roar.
Remember when TY beanies were a must have.  I still have my children's collection of the miniature size.  They have found a new home in our computer lab.  These animals sit patiently waiting for the next class to visit.
When students enter the lab they are each handed an animal.  This new friend sits quietly on the keyboard when all is well and everyone is happily following directions.
When the students have a question or need help, the animal is placed on top of the tower.  This lets me know that help is needed and the students know that help is on the way!

The small animals also help me to assess how the lesson is going.  I will often stop and ask for the animal to be on the tower if they have logged on, or have completed the lesson, etc..  The use of my collection has been an endless resource in our "quieter jungle".


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