Saturday, September 22, 2012


Just as I love to wear jewelry with every outfit, I also love to add accessories to my teaching. When I teach I love to use many types of technology to compliment my teaching.  The smartboard has become my favorite method to engage students in the curriculum on a daily basis.  Accessorizing with a document camera enables me to display the students' work, show experiments, text books, and anything else I would normally hold up to the class for display.  The newest version has a microscope built in as well.  The ability to take a picture and insert it into a smart notebook amazes the students every time.
Document Camera
 The use of a wireless mouse lets me move to the students' desks and still interact with the interactive whiteboard.  The students love to use the mouse from their seats.

One of my students' favorite accessories is my collection of pointing hands.  These help students move things on the whiteboard.  I also use them as a pointer for daily work.  I often choose the one that best matches my outfit that day.

On my wish list is a wireless presenter with a laser. 

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