Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day Pictures

Welcome Back to School.
I love September.  To me it is the start of new hopes and dreams.  New clothes.  New school supplies.  New bulletin boards.  New smiling students eager to learn.
In September take first day of school pictures. These pictures are a source of many fun activities, as well as a picture of growth for the end of the year.  Time does go by quickly.
Ideas for Pictures:
1.  Portfolio labels- Insert the student's picture in a word document and add their name for the label on their portfolio/writing binder.  Use a column layout to make this easier.
2.  Lunch Count and Attendance magnets- print a small picture, laminate and add a magnet to the back.  Students move their magnet each morning.
3.  Writer's Workshop Chart- Pictures give you a quick view of the stage for each student.
4.  Smartboard lessons- Students love to see their picture in these lessons.
5.  Bulletin Boards
6.  Writing Assignments- Add the picture in the about the author section. 
7.  Speech Bubbles-  Insert a picture in a word document and give it a speech bubble.  This can be used to share thoughts and dreams for the year.
8.  Groups of students- sort pictures on the board to show groups for projects.
9.  Class Picture- Display for students
10.  Blogs (be sure to have permission to post students' pictures)
Best Wishes for a fun and successful school year!

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