Monday, February 20, 2017

Original Colonies

Fifth grade students have been studying the original colonies. As a way to stretch their thinking Mrs. Ellis gave the assignment to use their text books and notes to create their own quiz. Boy were they excited!
Working in small groups, students added their own questions to a shared google document. Each group also needed to add not only the correct answer but 3 plausible wrong answers as well.

Here is the Shared Google Doc Questions and Answers:
Use the side scroll bar to view the entire document.

Using the google sheets add-on flippity, flashcards were created using students' questions. Click on the down arrow to check your answers. Try all the options at the top for more practice.

Try the test yourself! Good Luck. Did you read our notes?
Use the side scroll bar to see all the questions.
Thank you for learning with us.

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