Thursday, February 2, 2017

Google Read&Write

Mrs. DeFrank has been introducing all Proctor students to the wonders of Google Read&Write during library class. Using Google classroom she created an assignment to have students explore the tools available in this Google extension.
Students watched this short video before they explored all the features. Click below to view the video.

The students were given the task of reflecting in a google doc on each feature in Google Read&Write as they became familiar with the various features. Using a Read&Write Guide students were overheard saying, "This is so cool!", "I love the speech to text feature.", "My computer can read to me!", "Mrs. DeFrank my computer typed what you just said."

Sample Student Reflections:

"In this new update, Read and Write, I do look forward to using it more to help me with my vocabulary, speech, facts, and when I come across interesting words that I need to highlight or that I don’t understand yet. Read and Write is a tremendous new way to help you with your school work, reading a book, and writing a paper. I absolutely do look forward to using this new update with my work to help me focus, and learn more."

"I think that Read & Write is a great idea and is a very useful Google Application. I am probably going to use it often when typing my Reading Journal and other class work."

"This would be something that help me work faster and better than before so I would love to have this at Proctor School. This would be a great help."

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