Saturday, November 12, 2016


This week, I had the pleasure of presenting at NPEN 2016 with Miss Klipfel.

The Northeast Professional Educators' Network sponsors a full day of professional development for educators in specialist areas. Library, Technology and Media specialists all met at Wilmington High School on election day and had the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of PD offerings.

Our first session was to introduce the app GreenScreen by DoInk. This hands on session, asked participants to take photos and short videos in front of three large green screens set up around the room. We then showed all the features of the app as participants used their own devices to create green screen magic. Because it was election day there were a lot of White House photos!

The next session was an opportunity for networking. All the library, technology, and media specialists met in the auditorium and mingled and chatted. I designed  NPEN BINGO and everyone was engaged in conversations around library, technology  and all things teaching.  At the end there were even raffle prizes!

This padlet was one of the choices on the BINGO card. Click and add your own thoughts.

Made with Padlet

Our last session was the introduction of the app ExplainEverything. Participants were very excited to learn all the possibilities of this app in all areas of the curriculum to help students "explain everything".

This was the second year of NPEN and I look forward to next year's session.

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