Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Students and teachers have been exploring the site BrainPop as a resource that provides much more than animated videos featuring the characters Anne and Moby.

Once a teacher sets up a class, the students are then invited into that class with a special code.

Students create an account with a username and password and then are ready for assignments from their teacher.  By logging in all, student work is saved for easy access.

The first assignment was to watch the video, Food Chains and then take the graded quiz. When those assignments were completed and submitted, students played the Food Chain Game in BrainPop.

Working with the Make A Map feature challenges students to reflect on their new knowledge and share it in a visual format. We discovered how to add arrows to join ideas, as well as how to color code the connecting boxes. Students loved this feature.

Click on the picture below to see what these activities look like. Watch the video, take the quiz, and play the game.

  • How are animals and plants dependent on one another?
  • How is energy transformed and transferred as it flows through the food chain?
  • How does studying cycles help us to understand natural processes?
  • How do living things adapt to the environment?
  • How does energy flow within an ecosystem?
  • How is energy transferred and transformed as it flows through a food chain?

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