Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Grade 4 Country Reports

I had the pleasure to visit 4 new areas of the world today!
Come take a tour of the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, and Central America with the Grade 4 students. 

Teachers presented students with a copy of the MA standards for the country they would be studying and the students then researched to discover the answers to leading questions.
Students used a variety of digital tools, as well as hands on materials to turn their classroom into their new destination.
Google Docs was used to create brochures, Google Slides and the app explain everything were used for presentations.

Click on each picture below to view the final projects.

Mrs. Lampe's Class
Mrs. Gibbas' Class

Mrs. Murphy's Class

Mrs. Kelleher's Class

Massachusetts Standards for Technology:
Multimedia and Presentation Tools
G 3-5: 1.19 Create, edit, and format text on a slide. 
G 3-5: 1.20 Create a series of slides and organize them to present research or convey an idea. 
G 3-5: 1.21 Copy and paste or import graphics; change their size and position on a slide.

Tech Tips:

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