Sunday, May 1, 2016

Eye on Topsfield Episode 1

Sixth grade students eagerly took on the task of creating the first episode of Eye on Topsfield. Students planned, wrote scripts, invited guests, rehearsed, and filmed this episode with the theme of Nutrition.
In this video you will meet Mr. Braden, director of food services for the Tri-Town Schools, Mrs. LeBlanc from Proctor School Kitchen, Mrs. Meehan, physical education teacher, and a few members of the Proctor Staff.

Special Thanks:
All the interviewers and interviewees.
Gabby who drew The Eye on Topsfield logo.
All filming was done by 6th grade students: Gabby, Katelyn, Tim, Alessandro, and Tea

Click on the video below to see Episode 1: Nutrition

Stay tuned for future episodes.
If there is something special you would like to know more about let us know. 
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Tech Tip:
The news studio was created in explaineverything for the traveling sign and greenscreen by Doink.
All clips were added in iMovie.
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  1. Fabulous job! I was extremely impressed with your interview skills and reporting. Keep up the great work!


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