Monday, March 7, 2016

Google Slides in Action

Collaboration at its BEST!

GAFE (google apps for education) has changed the way teachers are teaching and students are learning at Proctor School!
Mrs. Lampe and Mrs. Murphy decided to really bring the collaboration piece to the extreme with their fourth grade students. This creative project is titled Midwest Google Slides. Students in one class have been partnered with students in the other class on the same project.. Each small group is responsible for 2 slides in the completed project. Students collaborate through the comment feature found in google. It has been an engaging and powerful project as we watch these fourth graders work.

This is what the slide document looks like right now. Stay tuned for the final version.

The power of commenting is evident as these teachers take this opportunity to model the process.

Rubric used for assessment:
Teachers help students guide their students' projects by using a rubric. Students refer to this while working and use this as a reflection piece as well.

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