Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Google + Google Forms = Magic

Teachers are enjoying creating tests using google forms.
Students are enjoying taking tests using google forms.

Grade three students recently completed a unit of study on Matter. 
Together teachers and I worked on creating a digital form of this test. We loved using google forms. One test was created and shared with all the teachers. Very Easy!

This is a picture of the teacher view. Do you know the answer to the first question?
The plus sign on the right is how new questions are added.

A few classes took the test on the laptops and some used the iPads. The nicest part is it doesn't matter which device is used because forms works on all devices.

The MAGIC begins when teachers want to grade the tests!

Google Forms creates a spreadsheet with all the data.
With the Add-on Flubaroo, teachers click GRADE Assignment, select the answer sheet, and POOF all the work is done for them.


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