Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oh Canada!

Ms Scott's class have been researching Canada as part of their social studies unit.  Working in small groups students used their research and created a book in the app Book Creator.

There are three links for each book.  The first is the epub version for reading on a digital device.  The second link is for the PDF version.  The third link is a movie of the book with the students' voices reading the book.


4.17 On a map of North America, locate Canada, its provinces, and major cities. (G)

4.18 Describe the climate, major physical characteristics, and major natural resources of Canada and explain their relationship to settlement, trade, and the Canadian economy. (G, E)

4.19 Describe the major ethnic and religious groups of modern Canada. (G, H, C, E)

4.20 Identify when Canada became an independent nation and explain how independence was achieved. (H, G)

4.21 Identify the location of at least two Native American tribes in Canada (e.g., Kwakiutl and Micmac) and the Inuit nation and describe their major social features. (H, G)

4.22 Identify the major language groups in Canada, their geographic location, and the relations among them. (H, G)

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