Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Guest Blogger:  Mrs. Matthews

"My students have explored non-fiction text features (labels, maps, table of contents, glossary, etc.). They have learned the purposes of the various non-fiction text features and have applied them to their non-fiction reading to locate information with efficiency. The children have internalized that non-fiction reading is reading to learn and nonfiction writing is writing to teach. The children learned that non-fiction writers are passionate about their subjects. They also learned non-fiction writing contains accurate information. In addition, the students learned that non-fiction writers are specialists in their subject areas. The boys and girls created their own specialist topic lists and from their lists they decided on the topic they were most passionate about. They then created their own specialist topic books and incorporated non-fiction text features. The children enjoyed publishing their books on the app Book Creator. We hope you enjoy reading their books!"
Mrs. Matthews

All About Ballet       PDF

Surfing     PDF

All About Cheerleading      PDF

Option 1: Click on the title, download, and Open either in Book Creator or iBooks on a digital device.

Option 2: Click on PDF and Open as a pdf.  The sound will not work in a pdf format.

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