Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Famous People

A Second Grade reading and writing curriculum area is the study of biographies. Students read and research about a Famous Person who has made a difference.
The project begins during library class where Mrs. DeFrank displays all the biographies for the students.  It is an exciting time watching the selection process.
This year Mrs. Madden's Class decided to take their new knowledge and create a digital project to share. After researching and writing their report, students then wrote a short script from the first person perspective of their famous person. Costumes were discussed and students practiced and practiced before filming in front of the big green screen.
Famous People from Mrs. Klipfel on Vimeo.
Mrs. McCarthy's Class also added a digital component to their learning.  Her students created a paper version of their famous person.  Each student then wrote a first person script for their famous person and practiced for fluency.
This is also a green screen project but this time the paper famous person was in front to the green screen.  Can you see the green stick holding him in place?  Do you know why it is green?
Using the app Green Screen by Doink the paper version was transported to a different time and place.

Can you guess why this famous person was recorded in front of a red screen?
Hint:  Look at the color of her dress.

Mrs McCarthy Presents Famous People from Mrs. McCarthy on Vimeo.

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