Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code has been an amazing opportunity for all students!

We started the week full of anticipation only to discover the internet wasn't working Monday morning at Proctor school and the Hour of Code site had too many visitors and crashed.  We didn't give up.  After our internet was restored, we went to plan B and worked on one of the other programs offered on the site working with java script.  Everyone was thrilled.

As 21st century learners, students need opportunities to create, design, and problem solve. The Hour of Code provided all of these and more. Students need to use digital tools that expand their thinking.We talked about perseverance and staying with a problem to its solution. Even when we make a mistake, we think of how to solve the problem.  We try again and perhaps again and again.  I wish you could have been there to hear, as well as see the excitement when "Congratulations" was on the students' screens.  Very powerful and confidence building.

Click to visit the code website.  Try an Hour on your own.

President Obama was the man of the Hour of Code for us. He even wrote code.

MassTLC Education Foundation Project Manager Rachel Nicoll was kind enough to bring us some I Love Computer Science buttons.

Take a peek at our week coding.

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