Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Decking the National Christmas Tree with Codes of Jolly

Decking the Trees with Codes of Jolly:

This year, the White House Christmas tree got a digital upgrade. For the first time in history, girls across the country used code to light up the state and regional holiday trees through Google’s Made with Code program. In his remarks at the ceremony, the President highlighted how the trees has entered into the 21st century:
"We still have school kids involved, too. But this year, they’ve given all the state and territory trees surrounding the National Christmas Tree their first digital upgrade. Young women from all 50 states used their computers -- using their coding skills to control the colors and patterns of the lights on the trees. So thanks to those wonderful students. It is incredibly impressive. It’s actually one of the few things that Tom Hanks cannot do."

The Girls' Coding Party spent time decorating a tree for Presidents Park in Washington D. C.

My personal tree creation made with Code,

Google’s Made with Code Initiative:
Beginning on December 2, girls can head to www.madewithcode.com to code a design for one of the 56 state and territory trees. Girls can select the shape, size, and color of the lights, and animate different patterns using introductory programming language and their designs will appear live on the trees.

Girls can code the trees throughout the month of December, and visitors can see and code the designs live in Washington, D.C.

Girls Working on creating their own designs.

Mrs. Boucher is enjoying the girls' work.

Click below to see the Tree designs the girls submitted.

This tree will be shown as the Massachusetts's holiday tree on December 11, 2014 around 9:07 pm live in Washington D. C.

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