Monday, February 3, 2014

Simple Machines

Fourth Graders have been hard at work studying Simple Machines.  Students worked in Kidblog to create a written post about a simple machine.  Check out their posts.  I know they would love a comment. 
As a culminating activity students created an educreations project to share their knowledge.
Mrs. Murphy reviewing Kidblog posts with students.

Using Kinex to create Simple Machines.

Students collaborating to create the pictured example.


  1. Dear Mrs. Klipfel and Mrs. Murphy,
    I really like the simple machine video, I really liked this video because it is very informative and helpful to those who are studying simple machines! I loved how our class picked out the pictures from around the school and I can't wait to study the next subject!


  2. Dear Mrs. Klipfel and Mrs. Murphy,
    I really enjoyed watching this video with my dad. He says "It left me wondering what a class three lever is." As for me, I thought that everyone did great. Maybe sometime we could do this in groups with assigned simple machines like our raps. It would be fun.


  3. Dear Mrs. Klipfel and Mrs. Murphy,
    My mom and I watched the video. She was impressed with all the knowledge the class had about simple machines. I liked doing this project and I hope we do another one on a different topic. We will try to find simple machines in our travels.


  4. Dear Mrs. Klipfel and Mrs. Murphy,
    What a fun way to learn about Simple Machines! We enjoyed seeing all the different examples in everyday life and loved hearing all the commentators at work!
    What a smart class you have!
    Meghan and Charlie

  5. Dear Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Klipfel,
    We really enjoyed watching the different examples of Simple Machines in everyday life and hearing the many talented commentators at work ! What a smart class you have. We can't wait to see another video soon!

    ~Meghan and Charlie

  6. Dear Mrs Klipfel and Mrs Murphy
    Me and my mom loved this video. She was surprised with all the work Team Murphy did. I liked this project and I hope we could do more educreations.

  7. Dear Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Klipfel
    Me and my mom leaned a lot about simple machines. She was vary pleased about it and she learned that scissors is a lever. I learned that stars are a ramp.

  8. Dear Mrs. Klipfel and Mrs. Murphy,
    My dad and I watched the simple machine video.My dad thought it was very informative and gave great examples of simple machines. I liked how everybody in the class had their own part to describe a simple machine.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Grace and Her Dad

  9. Dear Mrs. Klipfel and Mrs. Murphy,
    My Mom and I really enjoyed watching this video. I think learning through technology will stick with the kids longer. My Mom loved watching and seeing what we are learning. Understanding how simple machines work makes me more interested in Engineering. Thank you for letting us explore hands on activities.
    Sincerely, Caroline and Mrs. Lindsay

  10. Dear Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Klipfel,

    The wheels were turning for Team Murphy! Mum and I had a blast watching the Simple Machines video. It was so informative that we were inclined to watch it again. The fourth graders were so articulate that they pulled at our hearts. It was impressive the way you leveraged your technology resources to learn about Simple Machines. We hope the video doesn't put a wedge between the students who prefer one simple machine over another. Axley, it was the best video we've seen in a long time.

    Sincerely, Lindsey and Mrs. Byman

    1. Dear Lindsey and Mrs. Byman,
      I really loved your play on words. I'm glad you had a blast and think that you did great in this video. I look forward to another cool play on words! :) Great effort! :)
      Your classmate Faith

  11. Dear Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Klipfel,

    I never realized that so many things around us were simple machines, such as staircases, paper cutters, and doorstops. It helped me to hear my other classmates describe their simple machines.



  12. Dear Mrs.Murphy and Mrs.Klipfel
    I think that everybody did a great job on this video!
    I learned that a lot of things that I take for granted are so complex. It's amazing how many simple machines are all around us every day.

    Sincerely, Joe and Mr.Green


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