Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mystery Skype

We Traveled To Kentucky!
Mrs. Murphy's Class and Mrs. Kelleher's Class went to a school 986 miles from Proctor School.  If we were driving it would have taken approximately 14 hours and 58 minutes to get there according to google maps.  We went there in minutes via Skype.
Fourth Graders participated in a Mystery Skype visit with a class from Lexington, Kentucky.  The thoughtful questions from both sides helped us discover the mystery location of each class.  Students enjoyed playing the 20 questions version of Skype even though we had some technical difficulties with sound.  It is a wonderful sight to watch students problem solving, collaborating and working as a team with a common purpose.  These skills will take these students far in the 21st century.

View Mystery Skype to Kentucky in a larger map
The Questioners and Answerer are ready to field questions.
The filterers sitting behind them help guide our questions.
Runners are posed to pick up new questions from the Think Tank Members.
Mrs. Murphy happily looks on.

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  1. Team Murphy would like to send you a sincere thank you for connecting us with a Mystery Skype in Kentucky! This was our 2nd Mystery Skype, and it was extremely successful! We were able to use our map and geography skills along with a true "Team Approach" to find our friends in Kentucky rather quickly! Thanks Mrs. Klipfel for your technology support!


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