Thursday, May 23, 2013

Touch Tank

A Day At the Beach!
When you can't go to the beach, you have the beach come to you.
Kindergarten students had the opportunity to see many sea creatures right at school.
A special thank you to TESPTO for funding this wonderful experience.
This post is written by guest bloggers in Mrs. O'Brien's Kindergarten Class.

"The Touch Tank visited the Kindergarten classes.  The animals all lived in the North Atlantic Ocean.  The water was so cold when we touched the animals in the touch tank.  We touched lots of animals like horseshoe crab, sun star, the spiny crab, the sea urchin that looked like a porcupine, the hermit crab, and a lobster.  We learned lots of new facts about sea animals." 
Click on the picture to view the slideshow. 

Touch Tank

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