Sunday, May 19, 2013

3D-Heart App

This post was written by Guest Blogger Kevin Boucher who is doing his Senior project at Proctor School.
"This past Tuesday I held a pig heart dissection as part of my heart class I am teaching. When I set up the class, I had groups of two or three, each with one iPad and a heart specimen.  On the iPads I had an app called 3D Interactive Heart. The apps worked wonderfully alongside the dissection. I had them first use the app to go through and look at the different parts of the heart and explore it a bit. The app allowed them to view the heart at any angle, and they could select individual structures to look at in more detail. With this app, they could also circle specific heart parts and put labels on them so that they could identify them later. Once they acquainted themselves with the 3D representation of the heart, I had one member of each group start cutting up their specimen. At each step in the dissection, I had them compare the pig heart specimen and the 3D human heart to see the many similarities that let doctors and scientists use pigs as human substitute."

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