Friday, December 28, 2012

On Line Math League

 Early one morning I dropped in on the Online Math League Second Grade Group who had arrived before school for some math fun with Mrs. Sewall.  When I suggested the iPads and math, smiles were everywhere.  These students used the iPads to show their work in very creative ways.  It was enjoyable listening to their discussions as to how they worked through the problems.  I always learn a new way to solve a math problem when I work with students.
Try to solve a few of their problems:
1.  Clare loves stuffed animals.  She has 13 stuffed cats, 9 stuffed dogs, 18 stuffed teddy bears, and 11 other stuffed animals.  How many stuffed animals does she have in all?
2.  There are 22 students in Mrs. Turner's class.  13 of those students are girls.  How many are boys?


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