Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fourth Grade Blog

The Fourth Grade at Proctor School has started a blog for their Teddy Bears.  Please visit their site to check out all the marvelous journeys their bears are having.  Be sure to leave them a comment. 
Bears have feelings too!

*Tech Tip:  How to insert google maps into your Blog.
Enter your destination in the top search box.
Click on the link icon in the top left, next to the print icon.
Select either web address or HTML code.
The HTML code allows the image to be seen on your blog.
Go back to your blog draft and switch to HTML, found next to compose.
Paste in your HTML code wherever you would like the image to appear.
**Tricky Part.  I like my pictures centered on the page.
Align your widget to center
Enter the following code before and after your HTML
< div align="center">
Your widget code here...


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