Thursday, May 24, 2018

Oh Canada!

Students in Mrs. Gibbas' Class have been researching and learning more about our neighbor to the north, Canada.
Today we had a Mystery visit with a grade 5 class 5 hours/345 miles away at Townsview School, New Brunswick, Canada.

Because of Technical Difficulties we had to use whiteboards to ask our questions,

Students were actively engaged and used problem solving strategies to guess where they were.
We also had technical difficulties as they had never done this before and had no sound.
Use whiteboards and head nods to communicate.
Use a phone to call and listen to audio while looking at the image on the screen.

We tracked our answers to help figure out their location.

Students are continuing their connection by using FlipGrid to ask and answer new questions.
Click on the link below to view their answers.

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