Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Day the Crayons Quit!

Over the past few weeks in Writer’s Workshop students in grade 2 have been working on opinion writing. They worked with an O.R.E.O. graphic organizer to make sure the reasons and opinions matched, and that strong feeling words were used to strengthen their opinion.

The FREE Chatterpix app was used to bring this project to life! 
Using ipads, students drew a personified picture of their crayon and recorded their voice reading their opinion why they are the best color. 

Check out our projects below!

Click on the video below to listen to Mrs. McCarthy's crayons as they try to persuade you.

Click on the video below to hear Mrs. Ford's Crayons Persuasive Arguments

Tech Tip:
Have students use the $ app drawing pad or drawing box to create a digital crayon and include other drawing of things in their writing.
The FREE app Chatterpix allows drawing to come to life. Remember there is a 30 second limit in this app.

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