Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays 2016

Happy Holidays!

Steward School had a sing along on the day before vacation.
Here is Mrs. Willa, our principal leading the song the 12 Days of Christmas in her rewritten version "And the Principal Singing Off Key"

Here are the words for the song:
Twelve, students running
Eleven, whiteboards wiping
Ten, pre-k’s weeping
Nine, teachers dancing
Eight, desks a-spilling
Seven GA GA Balls Flying
Six children playing,
Five school days off,
Four phone calls home,
Three Band-Aids,
Two pencil grips,
And a principal singing off key.-CarrollWilla

Click below to hear the adapted version of Twas the Day Before Vacation

Click below to see all the students trapped for the holidays.
Click below to see the Help Desk Holiday Fun.

When the green screen comes out we are all ready for some fun!

Tech Tip:
Set up the green screen and take a class picture with students.
Have background pictures saved to you camera roll on your iPad.
Open the app Green Screen by DoInk
Lower level place the background image.
Middle Level place the class picture. Use the masking tool to erase any unwanted parts.
Top Level may add other images such as Happy Holidays.
Pinch to size in the spot you want.
Use the mask too to erase any unwanted images.
For fun app smash with a writing app. I use explaineverything.
Add the the top level for class name or date.
Pinch and place where you want the added detail.
Check out this google doc with picture directions.

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