Friday, September 30, 2016

Technology in the Month of September

The month of September has gone by in a BLURR...

Life as a technology specialist in September is filled with...
Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings.
Checking with teachers to be sure their technology is working.
Passing out devices.
Creating google accounts for all new teachers and students.
Archiving teachers and students who have left the district.
Being sure the school website is up to date.
Checking that all devices are ready for students.
Helping new teachers set up their own blog.
Enrolling students into their Type to Learn accounts.
Updating RAZ-Kids for students.
Getting all the log in codes to teachers.
Helping students remember their passwords. (teachers sometimes too)
Organizing Global Read Aloud
Setting up google classroom with teachers and students.
Planning on professional development for staff.

Take a peek into my busy September...

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