Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why Do I Read Your Blog?

This is a letter to teachers who blog~

Dear Friends,
I feel like you are all my friends because you openly share your ideas through blogging.
I truly enjoy reading your blogs. You educate me more and more with each post you publish. I can spend hours getting lost in your class and I truly wish I could come for a visit to be a part of all the learning taking place in your room.
What makes a good blog? What are the things that make me want to read your blog?
As I ponder those questions I have come to a few features that work for the readers of your blog.

Teachers' blogs give a quick snapshot of what is happening in your classroom. Good blogs like good writing take one idea and explore it further. One blog post might be about what is happening in math that day. You have written a descriptive post about the content, added pictures and examples of student work of the lesson. I must admit the pictures and student work are what draws me in! You might have included the essential question or the standards addressed in the lesson. A link to a math activity might also be included for at home work. As a lover of all things in the technology field I enjoy your digital work as well. These things give me, a reader of your blog, new ideas to try and share.

Another post would explore a different subject area with similar engaging features.
In this way you are conveying to parents and the public all the great teaching and learning in your classroom in a very engaging format.

Blogs are replacing the traditional printed newsletter format for many teachers. I appreciate this fact as I, a global reader, am now able to learn all about your classroom.

I LOVE your blogs and appreciate all the hard work you do to maintain them. Blogging is a wonderful form of parent and community engagement and is a showcase of many of the components from the rubric for teacher evaluation.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your daily learning experience.

The big question is: When do you find the time to do these amazing posts?


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