Friday, September 25, 2015

Kindergarten is Introduced to the iPad

It is always exciting to work with a group of kindergartners on the iPads.  Their enthusiasm knows no boundaries. For them everything seems like magic.
I was invited into Mrs. Ragan's class to show the class the iPads for the first time. We talked about rules like hold the iPad with 2 hands, no running, and be careful if the cover comes off.

Using Mrs. Ragan's new smartboard (she is thrilled!) students were introduced to the app Drawing Pad. We wrote the first initial of our first name in many colors and textures. A loved feature is the eraser and undo arrow.  Then the students were given time to explore the other features in the app. Their creations were of museum quality.

Using Air Server we learned all about Drawing Pad.

"Look Mrs. Klipfel, I can draw Minnie."

"I drew Mrs. Klipfel."

"I know how to write the alphabet."

 photo MrsKlipfelsign.jpg

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