Thursday, May 14, 2015

How to...

Students have been busy writing Informational/Explanatory: Factual Reports and Procedural Writing (How-to) during the month of May. Classes have explored multiple ways to address this type of writing.

In some rooms you will see students filling in graphic organizers before they begin their final drafts.

You may even see How to Poetry being composed on the computer.

A group of first graders decided to showcase their work in a green screen video format. Click on the picture below. Warning: You will be hungry at the end!

The children in second grade have been reading procedural text and learning how to write procedural text incorporating transition words (i.e., first, next, then, finally). The children chose a topic of interest and created their own “How To” books on Book Creator. The children learned how to add their own voice to their books allowing them to practice their reading fluency skills. The children also learned how to add and import photographs into their completed books. Needless to say they are very proud of their “How to Books.”

Option 1 digital device:
Click on the title, download, and Open either in Book Creator or iBooks on a digital device.  Be sure to click on the speech bubble to hear the text.

Option 2 PDF for a computer:

Click on PDF.  Read the pages of the story.

Option 3 Book Read Aloud:  Listen to the story being read by the author.

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