Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nonfiction Text

Mrs. Boucher's Fifth Grade Class have been working on writing their own nonfiction books. Working together in small groups the students divided the research project into smaller components. Both iPads and laptops were used for the research.

Text Features
1.      Title of book with a cover for the book
2.      Different fonts
3.      Bold print
4.      Colored print
5.      Bullets
6.      Headings
7.      Titles
8.      Subheading
9.      Italics
10.  Labels
11.  Captions
12.  Table of contents
13.  Index
14.  Glossary
15.  Preface
16.  Pronunciation guide
17.  appendix
Graphic Aids (at least 5)
1.      1.Diagrams
2.      Sketches
3.      Graphs
4.      Figures
5.      Maps
6.      Charts
7.      Tables
8.      Cross-sections
9.      Timelines
10.  Overlays
Illustrations (at least 5)
1.      Colored photographs
2.      Colored drawings
3.      Black and white photos
4.      Black and white drawings
5.      Labeled drawings
6.      Enlarged photographs
7.      Acrylic, watercolor, or oil painting

After researching their topic each student then used the app book Creator to create their own pages.

Option 1: Click on the title, download, and Open either in Book Creator or iBooks on a digital device.

Tech Tip:

Book Creator Group Work

Apps needed: Book Creator and AirDrop

Students create individual pages on their own iPads, labeling the cover with their first name. Tap under the book and type in name for Title. This will help when you combine books.

To merge the books:

1. Open the book

2. Top right corner click on the send icon

3. Turn on AirDrop (Everyone) Share via AirDrop. 

AirDrop is found by sliding up from the bottom of the iPad.


3. Click on the + under the book that you want to merge with the new book

4. Select Combine Books

5. Choose the title of the book to combine and click copy

6. Your book will now have all the pages from both books.

7. Rearrange pages and create the cover.

This process can also be done using google drive or dropbox.

Book Creator Group Work with Drive

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