Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Water Cycle

The Tri Town Tech Talk Committee has challenged participants to use their creative talents and produce a product after attending one or more workshops offered after school.
Mrs Puglisi, a second grade teacher from Cole School in Boxford, spent time using Prezi to help her students learn about the water cycle.  She has embedded videos, as well as books into her presentation.
Click on the Prezi below to view her work.  Use the arrows to scroll through all sections.

Earth and Space Science, Grades PreK–2

Earth’s Materials
1. Recognize that water, rocks, soil, and living organisms are found on the earth’s surface.
Walk around the playground observing and discussing where water, rocks, soil, and living organisms are found.
Identify characteristics shared by naturally occurring rocks and manmade concrete. (T/E 1.1)

The Weather
1. Describe the weather changes from day to day and over the seasons.
Keep a class weather chart indicating daily temperature, how windy it is, which direction wind is blowing (use visual clues), and kind of precipitation, if any.
Design and build a tool that could be used to show wind direction (wind sock). (T/E 1.3)

The Sun as a Source of Light and Heat
1. Recognize that the sun supplies heat and light to the earth and is necessary for life.
Record the time of day when the sun shines in different school locations and note patterns.
Design a shade for the window to keep the room cool in the summer or to keep the sun out for television viewing. (T/E 1.1, 1.3)

Periodic Phenomena
1. Identify some events around us that have repeating patterns, including the seasons of the year, day and night.
Make a list of things seen outdoors and in the sky during the day. Make another list of things seen outdoors and in the sky at night. Discuss the differences between the day and night lists.
Use a thermometer to record the temperature from morning to noon over several weeks and discuss any patterns that emerge. (T/E 2.1)

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