Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mrs. P Visits Steward School

Mrs. DeFrank's Library had a very special guest today.
Mrs. P's Magic Library came for a magical visit.
Many people may think Mrs. P looks familiar.  She is actress Kathy Kinney when she is not sitting in her library, wearing her fancy clothes and glasses.

I discovered Mrs. P on Skype in the Classroom.  After sending Mrs. P a message, we were able to set up this engaging visit.  Her elves even sent us fancy bookmarks that look like a movie pass.

Mrs. P began by telling us a secret.  "If you can tell a story, then you can write a story."  After asking Johnny about his pets (2 dogs and a hedgehog), Mrs. P made up a delightful story for our audience. "Once in a land that was always orange..."

Students had the opportunity to ask questions.
What is your favorite book?
"I have never met a book that I didn't like."
How many stories have you told?
800....................... (very big number)

Mrs. P also helped us exercise our imagination.  When you think of a word try to connect it to other words.  Then you have the beginning of a story.

Students were thrilled with the story Mrs. P made up for them.

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