Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Blogging

 Summer Blog
Dear Students,
During the summer your Kidblog page will be kept active.
You will be able to log in to your new Class in July.  How exciting!
We are so excited that you will to be sharing your reading and writing with others.
*Reading Challenge:
Write a detailed summary of a book you read this summer, but be sure not to give the ending away. Make the reader of your blog want to read this book and leave you a comment.
Title your post with the The Title  (underlined and capital letters)
The One and Only Ivan
Include the author and genre in your post.
Your post needs to be self-edited and will be submitted for review when completed. Remember that if you have too many errors, your post will not be published.
Use this link for a list of Newbery Award Books if you are looking for suggestions.
Your blog may also continue your personal writing by posting original stories and poems.
You may include a Summer Destination writing piece by describing a place you have visited.
All comments on the blog should be written in a friendly letter format and be sure not to reveal any personal information.  Remember to add new information and get a conversation going.
Student Blogs can be found on Mrs. Klipfel’s Blog on the Blog Tab
and on the Proctor School website:
Questions? Contact Mrs. Klipfel
Have a fun summer!
**In order to make this a fun summer experience; we will be giving prizes in the fall for all students with posted entries. 

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