Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Hour of Code

Teach the Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is an opportunity for every student to try computer science for one hour. 
Students have been visiting the computer lab to work on learning how to code.  This tutorial looks very much like a video game but it is actually having students learn what coding looks like.  The program starts off simple and gets progressively harder. We talked about how to solve a problem when the answer doesn't come to you right away.  This was a fun way to work through problem solving exercises.
Click on the link below to try coding yourself.  It really is a lot of fun. 
I earned my certificate.  Can you? 
Add a comment below if you try this activity.  Share your experience if you know how to code.  Does your job involve any technology?
Students working on the tutorial.
Mrs. O'Leary offers some suggestions.
Working together to solve the next level.
Steward students solving the program in the lab.
Proctor students working in the lab.

20 levels completed earns the student a certificate.
Leave a comment if you have tried coding.

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  1. Mrs. Klipfel - my daughter Meagan came home from school yesterday so, so excited about this- bursting to tell me all about it - how fun it was - and how she had to go right to Level 17 where she'd left off in school....she finished a short time later and was so pleased with herself. She even got her 4th grade brother Brendan to go through all the exercises.....what a wonderful way to introduce childen to coding. Our thanks to you for your enthusiasm and for letting us know about this....we appreciate ALL of your work this year....all my best, Kathleen Yoh


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