Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Good Bye 2012
Happy New Year! 
A fun idea for the New Year is to buy or make fun glasses to help celebrate.  New York City is full of them on New Year's Eve in Times Square!
Party hats and balloons are fun too. 
January is always a time to reflect on resolutions for the new year.  Take the students' pictures with their party accessories on in front of a shiny bulletin board with balloons attached.  I had my students raise one hand to look as if they were holding a balloon.  I then printed the pictures with a balloon cut out with their resolution attached and glued them on a large piece of construction paper.  Don't forget to add a ribbon from the students' hand.  A curled up piece of paper from the student's mouths looks like a party horn.
I found another cute idea on Classroom Magic from the classroom of Mrs. Smith.  Selina Smith provides a great graphic organizer and adorable cutouts of glasses for the students to make.  You can find these all in a google doc.

Happy 2013 to /everyone!
**Tech Tip: Have some fun in 2013.  Go to bitstrips and star in your own comics. Click on the picture above to go to bitstrip.  It will put a smile on your face!

Did you stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve?


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